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Maschine MK3 Tutorial | Create Melody Loops “From Scratch” No Scaler or Captain Chords



In this Maschine MK3 tutorial learn how to create melody loops from scratch without Scaler or Captain Chords! The techniques are super easy in Maschine and utilizes the built in Chords and Scales. This will also work in other sampler/daw that have these same features such as MPC Live, MPC One, MPC X, Ableton Live and more. Even though this works well, it's still recommended to learning basic music theory. It will help you become a better producer. Download sample loop here.
https://bit.ly/3j86LwG Please like, share and subscribe for more videos. Follow me on social media: https://instagram.com/aggotbeats https://twitter.com/aggotbeats https://facebook.com/aggotbeats https://aggotbeats.com Learn how to make beats here: https://maschinemasters.com/product-category/master-courses/ Get high quality sample packs here: https://maschinemasters.com/shop/ How To Create Sample Loops From Scratch 00:00 INTRO 00:28 Setting Tempo
00:50 Building Chords
02:25 Editing Chords 04:01 Creating Melody
06:30 Creating Bassline
09:17 Creating Counter Melody
11:07 Adding Vocals For Hook
12:27 Resampling
14:33 Beat Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a17QxFU-dWU

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