May 25, 2023

Make Money Selling Beats With this Game-Changing Strategy for Music Producers #shorts #sellbeats 2


The video has a relatable hook and insightful information on increasing your income selling beats online through the use of this unique beat selling platform. 🎹Sell Beats Here πŸ‘‰ https://thecorporatethiefbeats.com/try-buy-beats-invite
πŸ’» Sub My Channel πŸ‘‰: https://www.youtube.com/user/corporatethief?sub_confirmation=1 It's just, it's given me the option to make a lot more money than just being limited by the number of beats I have like, I don't really make certain types of genres of beats anymore. I don't make pop beats anymore. I don't make the reggaeton kind of beats, things like that. There are a lot of kind of genres. I don't really make that kind of drill-type beats. So I'm kind of very narrow on how I can sing, and track them too. So if I get singers and songwriters that, only want civic, like rock and pop kind of beats, I can find a producer on here and send them their profile and I'll get a commission on all the beats that they purchase. Plus if I send it to a producer and they sign up, I get a commission on how long they sign, they sign up. So you can see that the benefit of this is just class. #sellbeats #sellingbeats #beats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbakS698Lqs


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