July 17, 2021

Logic Pro - Beat Making Walkthrough with Unison MIDI Chord Pack 2


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https://unison.to/musictechhelpguy Timestamps:
0:00 Introduction
1:42 Song Key
2:42 Triads
3:48 Make a Progression from Triads
5:59 Extended Chords
7:47 Customize Chords and Voice Leading
10:32 Live Loops
10:56 Customize Chords with Passing Tones
14:41 Pre-made Chord Pack Progressions
15:48 Buildup Progression
17:44 Picardy Third
19:01 Buildup, Chorus, and Bridge
20:30 Drum Machine Designer and Step Sequencer
23:23 Drum Tones in DMD
24:10 Chorus and Buildup Beat
24:59 Crash Samples
25:48 Electric Piano and Alchemy Pad
27:11 Pitched Delay and Reverb
30:50 Add Time-Based Effects to DMD Stack
31:36 Bass Line from Chords
32:29 Custom Bass Lines
35:52 Swing Quantize
37:04 Melodic Arpeggiator
40:00 Wrap-up and Playthrough #logicpro #unison #chordpack Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXRQpbCN9eU



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