February 23, 2022

Logic Pro 404: RB Pop Mixing Workflows - Snares Snaps and Reverb 2


Additional videos for this title: Logic Pro 404: R&B / Pop Mixing Workflows by Joshua Carney
Video 3 of 25 for Logic Pro 404: R&B / Pop Mixing Workflows In this course, mixing engineer Joshua Carney walks you through a real-life mixing workflow of the song "Speed Dial" by talented singer and songwriter Sophia Veraz. Joshua reveals workflow tips and tricks to get a professional mix, and he shares some of his favorite 3rd-party plugins that he uses daily in the studio. The course takes you through all steps of the mixing process, from organizing the project to the final export. Listen to the final song on Apple's Music: For this mix, Joshua uses a 'bottom-up' mixing approach, starting with the drums. You learn to replace the kick drum, how to enhance the snare with samples, and a trick to add dynamic to the hi-hats. Joshua also shares one of his favorite techniques to add punch to drums using an often-forgotten stock Logic plugin. After creating markers to make navigating the project easier, Joshua moves on to mixing other elements of the song: the synths, the bass, the strings and the FX. If there's any part in a mixing session that deserves most attention, it's the vocal, and the course includes a whole section on this topic. From tastefully applying auto-tune to processing the vocal with external gear, Joshua reveals various techniques he uses to make the vocals really shine. In the final stages of the mixing process, you learn to fine-tune the details, and you learn Joshua's mastering secrets to give the project some final warmth and excitement. So join Joshua Carney in this Pop Mixing Workflow course, and learn pro-tips and techniques guaranteed to improve your mixing skills and take your mixing projects to the next level.
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