September 20, 2021

Logic Pro 314: Logic Pro Templates and Project Management - Save As vs. Save A Copy As 2


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Logic Pro 314: Logic Pro Templates and Project Management by Joshua Carney
Video 3 of 23 for Logic Pro 314: Logic Pro Templates and Project Management Time is precious… Thankfully, there are so many ways to speed up your Logic Pro workflow and save you both time and money. This course is all about boosting your Logic organization skills and making you a better Logic user. There's something for everyone here: songwriters, producers, film composers, musicians, audio engineers… So be sure to watch this course, and don't forget to download the included templates files that come with the course! This 23-tutorial course covers so many important topics. You get a clear understanding of Logic's file structure and the different ways to save your projects. You discover how to optimize system performance and avoid those annoying System Overload messages. You learn to create and save your own custom channel strip settings and build complex multi-instruments. You discover how to customize your own templates for different types of projects, including recording, mixing and mastering. Smart Controls, reamping, recovering corrupted projects, and more topics are also covered. So join in now because trainer, producer and certified trainer Joshua Carney is about to change the way you work with Logic. If you're passionate about Apple's Logic Pro, this course is not to be missed! More info on this title: https://j.mp/3u3oiNm Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJEFsBrFjrc



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