November 13, 2021

Logic Pro 305: Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio Explored - Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio and Surround Sound 2


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Logic Pro 305: Dolby Atmos & Spatial Audio Explored by Joshua Carney
Video 2 of 20 for Logic Pro 305: Dolby Atmos & Spatial Audio Explored Thanks to the integrated Dolby Atmos tools built into Logic Pro, it's now easier than ever to create, mix and export immersive 3D mixes, ready to be distributed on streaming platforms like Apple Music. The best part is you don't need to have an expensive multi-speaker setup to do this because Logic lets you monitor your surround mix binaurally with regular stereo headphones. In this course by audio engineer Joshua Carney, you explore all the new spatial tools included in Logic Pro, and you learn how to start creating immersive 3D mixes that go beyond, above and even behind the listener's head. If you're new to Dolby Atmos or new to working with surround sound in general, you may find some of the terminology and concepts confusing. That's why Joshua starts the course by defining the various surround formats and explaining the difference between Immersive Audio, Dolby Atmos and spatial audio. After learning what is binaural hearing and the physics of it, you literally immerse yourself into spatial audio. This is where you learn to position sound around the listener using Surround Beds, 3D Objects, and the expanded surround mixer and panners. You also discover the updated plug-ins that are now optimized to work in Dolby Atmos (like Spaced Designer, Tremolo, and Remix FX) and you even learn a workaround to use 3rd-party stereo plugins in surround mode. Finally, the distribution standards for submitting your Dolby Atmos mix are covered, and you learn to actually upload it and share it on streaming platforms. So discover the power of Dolby Atmos with Logic expert Joshua Carney, and bring a whole new dimension of life and clarity into your music. More info on this title: https://j.mp/30dXcrT Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q194sb50UHc


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