July 22, 2021

Logic Pro 301: Logic Pro Advanced Mixing - Prepping the Mix 2


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Logic Pro 301: Logic Pro Advanced Mixing by Joshua Carney
Video 2 of 31 for Logic Pro 301: Logic Pro Advanced Mixing If you have some mixing experience under your belt, you're now ready to take your skills to a higher level. In this advanced mixing course, audio engineer Joshua Carney reveals tips and workflows drawing from his years of mixing experience. During this course, you'll see Joshua work on the song Highways, a soft pop song by talented singer and songwriter Sophia Veraz. You will learn how to take any project in any style from a rough mix to a fully mastered song, ready to publish to any digital streaming platform. After doing some prep work to get the song ready for mixing, Joshua demonstrates how to mix the lead and backing vocals, and how to process them using Logic's vintage EQ and compressors to get a nice modern vocal sound. You learn to give each element (guitars, bass, synths, drums, FX…) its own space, and get everything to sit perfectly in the mix. You discover mid-side processing techniques to achieve a wider mix while keeping mono compatibility. You learn to place sounds upfront, behind you and even high or low. But that's not all… At the end of the course, Joshua talks about mastering, revealing tips to help you master your project, either with Logic's stock plugins, or even with external hardware processors. If you're mixing music with Logic, this course is a must view. Join Joshua Carney in this advanced mixing course, and learn pro-tips and techniques and new innovative mixing ideas for your next projects!
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