January 25, 2023

Logic Pro #28 - Sends & Time-Based Effects 2


In this video, I demonstrate the following:
1. What are sends, busses, and aux tracks?
2. How to use sends to route time-based effects, like reverb, delay, and modulation.
3. How to add reverb with sends to vocals and other instruments.
4. How to thicken vocals with delay and ensemble effects.
5. What is the difference between post-pan, post-fader, and pre-fader sends? Support the sponsor of this video, Boombox | https://bit.ly/boomboxsponsor
Download the demo project used in this video: | https://we.tl/t-BQ57chapCR For mixing/mastering work, contact me at my website | http://carneymediagroup.com
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Support the channel on Patreon | http://patreon.com/musictechhelpguy #logicpro #logicprox #tutorial Timestamps:
0:00 What are Sends?
0:53 Sponsor Segment
1:35 Assign Buses
3:09 Sends & Aux Tracks
6:59 Reverb, Dry/Wet Signals
9:06 Why use Sends?
13:32 Gated Reverb on Drums
17:01 Too Many Reverbs
19:18 Ensemble Effect
22:12 Slap Delay
27:00 Post Pan vs. Post Fader vs. Pre Fader Sends
31:51 Playthrough Comparison Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQhmOrNalXw


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