January 25, 2023

Logic Pro #27 - Compressor (Compression Explained) 2


In this video, I demonstrate the following:
1. How to use the Compressor plugin in Logic.
2. What is a compressor, and how is compression used?
3. How to use all parameters of a compressor, including compression ratio, threshold, make-up gain, knee, attack release.
4. How to use compression on various instruments, including drums, bass, acoustic guitars, and vocals. Download the demo project used in this video: | https://we.tl/t-d24pzyaYSf For mixing/mastering work, contact me at my website | http://carneymediagroup.com
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Support the channel on Patreon | http://patreon.com/musictechhelpguy #logicpro #logicprox #tutorial Timestamps:
0:00 Introduction, What is Compression?
2:08 Vocal Compressor Example
3:26 Gain Reduction
4:42 Circuit Types
9:46 Ratio & Threshold
13:10 In/Out Gain, Make-Up Gain
16:13 Attack & Release Time
20:46 Knee
23:12 Limiter
24:29 Distortion Types
25:31 Mix Blend
27:28 Circuit Types on Kick
29:19 Snare Drum
30:55 Vocals
35:43 Two-Stage Compression Trick
38:31 Bass Guitar
40:21 Acoustic Guitar
41:56 Wrap-Up, Playthrough Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRrCerIW1pQ


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