July 24, 2022

Logic Pro // 18 Looping Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks 2


In this video I demonstrate 18 helpful shortcuts, tips, and tricks for looping in Logic Pro. Enjoy! #logicpro #logicprox #loop 0:00 Introduction
0:34 Hide/Show Loop Browser
0:52 Convert Loops to Regions
1:38 Repeat Regions
2:01 Toggle Cycle Mode
2:23 Skip Cycle Mode
3:10 Set/Trim Locators
4:19 Set Locators to Regions
6:01 Set Rounded Locators to Regions
6:38 Double/Half Cycle Loop Range
7:19 Set Locators to Selected Marker
7:44 Jump Locator Selection to Previous or Next Marker
8:04 Add Region to Loop Library
10:59 Convert Region to Sampler Track
14:03 Transpose Regions by Semitones
15:48 Transpose Regions by Octaves
16:15 Loop Regions or Cells
17:30 Bonus Live Loops Shortcuts
17:53 Copy Regions to Live Loops
18:54 Copy Scene to Tracks Area Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd7mw65z5qg


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