April 11, 2022

Live Songwriting Q&A with Multi-Platinum Songwriter Andrea Stolpe - REPLAY 2


Listen to the hang out with Multi-Platinum songwriter Andrea Stolpe and Grammy-nominated producer ill Factor and listen to all the questions everyone had on songwriting, music production and music in general! Find out more about Andrea at the links below: Download the 5 Songwriting Tools That Change Everything – Free PDF Guide:
https://bit.ly/3KvRMeh Join Andrea Live at the California Songwriting Retreat – Final Spaces:
https://bit.ly/3r2YCA0 1:27 – ill Factor's introduction
2:27 – Andrea Stolpe introduction and her first Gems
4:48 – Songwriter has to attune to a listener
7:05 – How internet tools help to get better as a songwriter
9:58 – Does being a good songwriter help to become a better producer?
15:25 – ill Factor reacts to "Commercial framework" Andrea mentioned
17:47 – How can tools make us better producers/songwriters?
22:00 – How the elements matter in music
24:05 – Most funniest method of cranking out the lyrics ideas (sensory writing and more)
29:20 – Andrea's blog shares a lot of tools on a songwriting and ill Factor's feedback
31:06 – Best strategies for getting inspiration on musical ideas and always growing
33:39 – Reality writing VS Imagination
37:45 – ill Factors feedback on Andreas answer and writer camps
38:47 – Artist's don't want to put out what they already put out
40:42 – Do you please the masses or stay on your own course?
46:28 – What if you write music for you and you are the only who likes it?
48:25 – There is a personalized aspect of your artistic journey
53:30 – Why feedback matters
54:30 – Aspects of the melody
55:20 – How to identify a good vocal melody?
1:00:27 – ill Factor's feedback on identifying a good melody
1:03:10 – How do you pitch/showcase your songs?
1:07:46 – Accenting in the songwriting
1:10:55 – How much emphasis should you put on the meaning of the song?
1:13:20 – How to Identify what's your sound as an artist
1:16:45 – Closing words from Andrea
1:20:12 – Closing words from ill Factor Get free courses, sample packs and guides for your music with Beat Academy's free resources: https://www.beatacademy.com/ Source Beat Academy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmdLkn7Ah1o


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