March 1, 2022

Lil Wayne Type Beat 2022 ᐉ “Born” 👉【Beat With Hook】 2



<img draggable=” /><img draggable=” /><img draggable=” /><img draggable=” /> More Information Below<img draggable=” /><img draggable=” /><img draggable=” /><img draggable=” /> Check out my latest Lil Wayne Type Beat 2022 called “Born”. You Can Find【More Info Below in the Description Area <img draggable=” /> Time Stamps w/ 00:01 <img draggable=” /> Time Stamps】 about how to download this Lil Wayne instrumental for your mixtapes, singles, music videos and albums. I looped the beat x2 so you ca Freestyle Over the instrumental.https://thecorporatethiefbeats.com/lil-wayne-type-beat/


Instrumental produced & arranged By The Corporatethief Beats. The beat is a modern trap type beat with a hook. I felt that the chopped sample and the weird vocal samples in the back ground create that Weezy type beat vibe… Most of the instrumentation drops of in the hook. The verse have more sounds. A classic Wezzy instrumental with a modern trap type beat twist. <img draggable=” /> Sub My Channel <img draggable=” />: https://youtube.com/corporatethief
<img draggable=” /> Download Beat Link <img draggable=” />: https://youtu.be/K7dzkBXXQ1I =====================================
Time Stamp – Instrumental Song Structure
【00:01】Instrumental Piano Solo Intro
【00:31】Rap Verse – 1
【01:09】Pre Hook 【01:24】Female Pitch Instrumental Hook
【01:49】Rap Verse 2
【02:17】Pre Chorus
【02:30】Female Pitch Instrumental Hook
【03:00】Vocal Hook /Piano Solo Middle 8
【03:10】Instrumental Piano Solo Outro
【03:40】2ND INSTRUMENTAL LOOP Over 200+ hip hop beats in various different genres from trap beats to hip hop beats, rnb beats and pop beats we have it all. Make sure that you are subscribed using the link above to get discounts on beats and future products. How To Download This Royalty Free Lil Wayne Type Beat For Profit? If you would like to download this Lil Wayne Type Beat for profit please check out the link in the description this will take you directly to a landing page on my website where you can purchase this hip hop beat and many other trap type beats for your projects. Beats With Hooks Playlist <img draggable=” />: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgl9BDDzJKY&list=PLHBL9z9vDgel7E7N6sqZGKe_6YUJwltN9 #lilwaynetypebeat #lilwayne #typebeat2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKaZE-Nn4Xg

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