Legendary Producer for Genesis, Phil Collins, & XTC: Hugh Padgham



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Interview Part One:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQMhhhQhpak&t=4478s
Today we will be continuing our conversation with multi-Grammy winning producer, Hugh Padgham! Hugh Padgham is one of the world’s top producers, on par music industry legends like George Martin, Quincy Jones, Phil Ramone, Brian Eno, and Rick Rubin, to name but a few.  We will be looking back at his early career and his current work, as well as will be doing a deep dive into all of his work with Genesis, and Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins’ solo albums! Padgham worked with Gabriel on his third solo album, and after being introduced to Collins through Gabriel, Padgham worked on Phil Collins’ enormously successful album, “Face Value”. Padgham is credited as creating the iconic drum sound in the albums hit song “In The Air Tonight”. He then began working with Genesis, his first album with them being 1981’s “Abacab”, then 1983’s self-titled release, and then the hit album “Invisible Touch” in 1986. Padgham’s produced and/or mixed albums and singles that add up to well over two hundred fifty million units sold worldwide. He’s won 4 Grammy Awards including Producer of the Year, Album of the Year and Record of the Year as well as a Brit Award for Best Single (Phil Collins’“Another Day In Paradise”), a Music Week Award for Best British Producer, a TEC Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement and Mix Magazine’s Top Ten Influential Producers of the Mix Magazine Era. Currently, Padgham works in his own studio in north-west London called Sofa Sound, where he has an SSL G+ 64-channel desk, and tons of analogue outboard. He is managed by Joe D’Ambrosio of JD Management. 
Padgham continues to work as an invisible catalyst, pushing artists and technology to the limits, and beyond. Although he has over the decades given interviews with some regularity, his extended appearance on Produce Like A Pro lifts the lid on his thinking and his engineering and production approaches to a far greater degree than ever before.
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