May 17, 2022

Jack Harlow Type Beat ᐉ "I Want To Know" ⚠️ 【Beat With Hook 2022】 2


Jack Harlow is one of the most talented artists in music today, but his style maybe a little more grown-up for some tastes. This beat has hip hop/trap instrumental elements similar to what you’ll hear on an album from him called Come Home The Kids Miss You– complete with a pitched female hook! If this doesn’t get your inner Spring convictisms going then nothing will – so go ahead and give it a go right now.


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Time Stamp – Instrumental Song Structure
【00:01】Instrumental Female Vocal Solo Intro
【00:21】Rap Verse 1 [with Female Vocal] 【01:59】Refrain / Bridge Male Vocal 【01:24】Female Pitch Instrumental Hook
【02:19】Rap Verse 2 [with Female Vocal] –
【03:50】Refrain / Bridge Male Vocal 2
【04:15】Female Pitch Instrumental Hook Outro
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