August 3, 2023

Jack Antonoff producing 'A&W' by Lana Del Rey | Trailer 2


Full video available exclusively on https://mwtm.com/itt90 After producing three critically acclaimed albums with Lana Del Rey, the Grammy-winning producer sits down at Rue Boyer Studios to revisit her latest groundbreaking single, “A&W”. Filmed at Rue Boyer Studios where the record was mixed, Jack explores the performance and recording techniques that brought the track to life. The series begins with Jack showcasing the instruments that underpin the song’s delicate atmosphere. He examines how each element was performed and captured, emphasizing the value of ‘playing into compression’ to create more emotive performances. Jack takes these ideas further by exploring his use of dynamics and tuning to create an arrangement that stands out. By combining these approaches with modern engineering techniques, he and the engineer Laura were able to build a world around Lana’s vocals that conjures up both vintage and modern aesthetics. This balance falls fully into place after Jack introduces ‘Jimmy’ into the arrangement. Originally intended to be a completely different song, the two worlds collide to create one of this year’s most exciting musical medleys. He explains how the team made this musical juxtaposition work, revealing how bold ideas often yield the biggest rewards. Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIL08m8zy8o


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