September 7, 2022

iZotope RX 10 100: RX 10's Cool New Features - Introduction 2


Additional videos for this title: iZotope RX 10 100: RX 10's Cool New Features by Joe Albano
Video 1 of 7 for iZotope RX 10 100: RX 10's Cool New Features iZotope RX is the ultimate software to clean up and repair noisy or badly recorded audio. With RX 10, iZotope adds both incremental and under-the-hood improvements, as well as several new features. Let's dive in… In this free course, audio engineer Joe Albano covers the new features introduced in the latest version of RX. You discover the vastly improved Repair assistant (RX's intelligent analysis tool), which can now be loaded as a plugin version inside your DAW. You learn to use Text Navigation, which can provide a transcription of a speech recording of up to eight speakers… so useful to quickly navigate through dialog recordings! You also learn about the improved Spectral Recovery module, the newly added Adaptive and Dynamic De-Hum modes, and more… So join Joe Albano and watch this FREE course now! Learn all about iZotope RX 10 cool new features! More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eID3C77j79E


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