October 28, 2023

Inside the Mix | David Bendeth deconstructs 'Money' by The Warning [Trailer] 2


See the full video on Puremix: https://www.puremix.com/library/inside-the-mix/-/the-warning-money David Bendeth has been making records that break records since 1977. He is the producer behind rock megastars like Paramore, Beartooth, All Time Low, Breaking Benjamin, Red Jump Suit Apparatus, and a first call for projects as large as Elvis’30 #1s. Enter, The Warning. In 2014 (at ages 9 and 14), the Villarreal Vélez sisters started making waves in the independent rock scene by releasing their cover of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. The video went viral on YouTube and gained the attention of Metallica themselves. After creating their first full-length in 2017 and touring with bands like The Killers, the band signed with Lava Records in 2020, who recruited first-call rock producer/magician David Bendeth to help craft their first major label release. In this Puremix exclusive, David takes you to the incredible lakefront studio, where he has helped create countless hits and loads up the original session for “The Warning.” From the recall process to printing the final mix, David explains the process behind every move on the giant SSL console, his signature outboard gear, and the Pro Tools session. 🎶 Learn what's not on YouTube on https://puremix.com Join the largest community of producers and engineers. Produce, Record, Mix & Master with Puremix 💬 Get feedback on your mixes and music: https://puremix.com/mix-tank
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