Inside The Album with Graham Coxon from Blur – “Modern Life Is Rubbish”



➡️➡️Click here to learn more about the making of "Modern Life is Rubbish": ➡️➡️Click here to learn more about one of Blur's hugest hits "Song 2": ➡️➡️Click here to hear more from Blur's Graham Coxon and custom guitar manufacturer Thomas Gray: Modern Life is Rubbish, released in May 1993, is the second studio album by English alternative rock band Blur. The album was a moderate chart success in the UK, peaking at number 15, while the singles from the album charted in the Top 30. Modern Life is Rubbish is regarded as one of the defining releases of the Britpop scene, and Blur’s chart-topping follow-up albums Parklife and The Great Escape, allowed the band to emerge as one of Britain’s leading pop acts. Before releasing this album, Blur had faced serious backlash from the media following the release of their first album, Leisure, in 1991. The band had fallen from public favour and was under threat of being dropped by their label. At the same time, Blur discovered that they were £60,000 in debt, due to mismanagement. Blur hired a new manager, who sent them to the US to try to recoup their losses, but the tour was unsuccessful. When Blur began working on their second album, they chose Andy Partridge as their producer. Partridge was dissatisfied with the songs, but was fond of the band, which is why he agreed to the project. These sessions, however, did not last long and did not go well. Bassist Alex James described the sessions as a “disaster”. Work on Modern Life is Rubbish resumed due to a chance meeting with producer Stephen Street, who had worked with the band previously on their 1991 single, “There’s No Other Way.” With Street now producing the album, Blur recorded a mix of material spanning both the period immediately after the release of Leisure and their 1992 tour. Though their label initially rejected the album and told the band to record more potential singles, the members of the band were pleased with the sessions. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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