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Somewhere in the French speaking part of Belgium, lies the creative attic of Belgian YouTube ‘GUIZZI’, who invited me to come over to his place to catch some vibes, maybe make some music, you know the deal. It was my first time visiting this lovely city even though Belgium is the size of a peanut. In this episode of 'COOK UPS' you'll join me, Chuki Beats, on one this night in guizzi’s studio, where I decided to pick up his $20 guitar and play a nice melody to start out a beat with. We ended up vibing to it so much we did a full song over the beat together with Belgian artist ‘YG PABLO’ ???? GUIZZI ???? https://www.youtube.com/user/GuiZziMamy
???? YG PABLO ???? https://youtu.be/jYZbd4pQ_aE ???? Spotify ???? https://spoti.fi/2Hbt86R
???? Instagram ???? https://goo.gl/Lr3unQ / @chukibeatz
???? Get my drum kits ???? https://www.chukibeats.com/sound-kits ???? Road to 400k Subscribe ???? https://goo.gl/GK9TER
???? Business email ???? [email protected]
???? Help my beats channel hit 700K! : https://goo.gl/9XanBm 'COOK UPS' by Chuki Beats will be a weekly series in which you, the viewer, are taken into some more of the 'RAW' music creation process. Without all of the ' I'm making a video right now ' behaviour '. Subscriber to never miss an upload. Shot by @mvpofbelgium
Edited by @chukibeats The Chuki Beats channel was started in 2014 and gained a lot of attention and success because of the free hip hop instrumentals & free hip hop rap beats. Learn more at the Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8gEAYiTH6Q

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