July 22, 2023

How to Use the Roli Seaboard Rise 2 in Logic Pro X 2


More info on RISE 2 – https://bit.ly/3IamgjO In this video I'll show you my workflow and how I use the Roli Seaboard Rise 2 in Logic Pro X. The Rise 2 as well as other Roli products can control instruments like Alchemy, EFM1, ES2, Quick Sampler, Retro Synth, and the Vintage Clav. As well as showing you how to utilize the #RISE2 in Logic, I'll also show you how to hook the Rise 2 up via Bluetooth on Mac OS and I'll take you through the in's and outs of the Roli Studio Player, which is by far one of my favorite plugins. Chapters
Intro – 0:00
Bluetooth Setup – 0:17
Roli Dashboard Settings for Logic Pro X – 0:38
Alchemy Setup – 0:47
Retro Synth Setup – 2:03
ES2 Setup – 2:18
Roli Studio Player – 2:33
Searching for Sounds- 3:04
Real Time Sound Manipulation – 4:24
Smart Chords (Chord Generator) – 4:53
Multi-Layer Arpeggiator – 6:40
Before & After – 9:32
Built-In Audio Effects – 9:57
Additional Info- 10:55
Outro – 11:10 MUSIC:
🎧 Spotify- http://sptfy.com/13sI
🎧 Apple – https://apple.co/3ngaoUx AFFILIATE LINKS:
🎙 Music Gear – https://bit.ly/3H6CKcq
🎥 Film/Video Gear – https://kit.co/courtneyhawkins/gear-i-use-to-film
🖥 Computer Setup – https://kit.co/courtneyhawkins/computer-setup
💿 Get 7% Off DistroKid – https://bit.ly/3tM3rgh
🥁 Where I Get My Sounds
Splice (Go to for loops and foley)- https://bit.ly/3CO43qe
Plugin Boutique (Best deals on VST’s) – https://bit.ly/2n3kR7w
Native Instruments (Komplete, Maschine, etc…) – https://bit.ly/2RTQSS5 This channel goes through the various aspects of how to use Logic Pro x and native instruments machine. Learn more about this channel here at the Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV7oGajWs1M


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