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Artiphon sent me the orba a couple of months ago and I've been trying to find a workflow that fits my needs best and I think I've found it. I wanted to show you guys in case you were wondering how you could use Orba in your workflow. Video Details: 00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Beatmaking with Orba
01:08 – A Word from Our Sponsor
02:09 – What is Orba?
02:58 – How to use Orba via Bluetooth
03:39 – How to use Orba with Omnisphere
05:12 – How to use Orba with Drum Machine Designer 06:09 – Outro ======================================================== MUSIC PRODUCTION GEAR LIST ::.
Maschine —
Go to Midi Keyboard —
Portable Midi Keyboard —
Studio Monitors —
Headphones —
Audio Interface —
Computer —
DAW — Logic Pro X (Most Recent Update) FILM/VIDEO GEAR LIST ::.
Main Camera —
Main Lens —
Main Microphone —
Audio Recorder —
Overhead Camera —
Overhead Lens —
Overhead Rig —
Lights —
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