August 28, 2021

How to Find The Right Sample - Organize, Find & Audition Samples with ADSR Sample Manager 1.7.0 2


Do you ever wish there was an easy way to preview your whole sample library in one place? Is it too much to ask that they all automatically sync to your track's key and tempo? If only you could mess around with start/end points or hear how random kicks/pads/leads might inspire your session in a different direction. Do you even really know what sounds you have in your current sample library? You can do all this and more with ADSR Sample Manager. ► Download ADSR Sample Manager https://bit.ly/3kpyrPW ADSR Sample Manager makes organizing, finding and auditioning samples refreshingly simple and it's FREE! Take a walk through the latest and greatest features of the Sample Manager and make the most of your sample library! In this 1 hour video, ADSR Instructor Brent March walks through ADSR Sample Manager 1.7.0 discussing and demonstrating key features to show you how to get the most from your sample library. From browsing to auditioning, find the right sounds for your project with features such as multi search, tempo and key sync, creating collections, trim sample start/end points, the random button and so much more. Find out why ADSR Sample Manager is the best way to manage and find samples and loops and how to make it a part of a smarter, seamless workflow. Whether you've been using Sample Manager for a while or you're hearing about this tool for the first time we'll be covering both new and existing features and answering your questions so join the conversation and make finding the right sounds for your next track a given. ADSR Sample Manager makes your entire sample library searchable with smart and custom tags. Preview any sample in your library in the context of your track (BPM and/or key synced) using MIDI or drag audio directly to your project. If you don't already have the right sample you can also browse our library with millions of loops & samples. Available for VST/AU/AAX and standalone (Ableton Link enabled). #samplemanager #sounddesign #musicproduction #producerlife #musictalks #sounddesigner #synthpresets #learnsounddesign #learnmusicproduction #livestreaming Powered by Restream https://restream.io/ Learn more from The Youtube channel Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh5W2m2GNDM


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