September 30, 2022

How "BABY" by NAV was made 2


Original beat produced by ​NAV, Boi-1da, Money Musik, SMPLGTWY, Darko (Producer), Millaire & Zubnid. Wavy 🌊 FX Plugin ➨ https://bit.ly/3xYWqdU
2022 Drum Kit (Updated monthly in 2022) ➨ https://bit.ly/3nJlNxU
Ye (Kanye West Drum Kit) ➨ https://bit.ly/3LgIK5V NAV – Baby (Logic Pro Session/PlayPack) – https://bit.ly/3RpEvGK // CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro
00:41 Main Melody
04:38 Drums
05:59 808
10:11 Final Beat
11:47 Outro // PLUGINS Duckout ⚙️ (Sidechain Plugin) ➨ https://bit.ly/36yKnto
Komplete 13 Ultimate – https://bit.ly/3d3Oq6d
FAW SubLab XL – https://bit.ly/3S1M47O Chromatic – https://bit.ly/3QXO144 (Get 30% off with code: GETLANDRIAMM30OFF)
Wide (Stereo Enhancer) – https://bit.ly/3do1uRb
Sampld (LoFi FX) – https://bit.ly/38dOaM2 // GEAR Keyboard (Komplete Kontrol S49) – https://bit.ly/3bluuYm
Machine MK3 – http://bit.ly/30EJSYK
Headphones (Austrian Audio Hi-X55) – https://bit.ly/2Q7ibrb
Studio Monitors – https://bit.ly/2HYn5CV CHECKOUT MY PATREON ➨ https://www.patreon.com/imamusicmogul This track has been used for educational purposes in accordance with section 107 of US Copyright Law. #logicprox Source: Adam from I am a music mogul is my go too channel for Logic Pro Tutorials. Adam teaches a whole load of techniques with Logic Pro but really caters to the making of trap beats and hip hop instrumentals. Watch more of his channel here. Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNogMFwPDLk


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