July 14, 2023

Hazelrigg Roundtable with Geoff & George Hazelrigg, Jon Castelli, Mark Parfitt & Mike Miller - #558 2


To kick off the New Year we sit down with a few guys who have a passion for gear. Please welcome to the place, Geoff & George Hazelrigg, Jon Castelli, Mike Miller and Mark Parfitt! About Hazelrigg: While the Hazelrigg Brothers often work in beautifully outfitted studios (or truck racks of gear into less well-equipped venues), they found that many of their colleagues were facing very different obstacles. With changes in production methods, more and more tracks were being cut in bedrooms and hotel rooms, on headphones or unfamiliar monitor systems, with the resulting audio showing the marks of these inconsistencies. Hazelrigg Industries addresses these challenges by hand crafting recording equipment which not only delivers superlative sonics but also allows engineers and producers to work quickly, efficiently, and – most importantly – musically to achieve their goals at the highest levels. Shop Hazelrigg at Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/Jr3x3e —- Enter the Sweetwater Giveaway
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