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Part 1 of my FreeNAS Cheap File Server build-out using ZFS. What steps you have to plan for, what kind of drives do you need and Why you need to throw away the Dell Raid card. Can it be done, maybe or maybe not… I am sharing my experience here, in hopes, it will help others, and at the same time, I can learn more too. The video is a VLOG of my thoughts and ideas of a new FreeNAS project where I am using an old Dell PowerEdge 1900. My goal is to build a colossal File Server for all my Music Samples and Projects to live. Yes, this will involve Music but more on an indirect level. I also touch on what ZFS file system is and how it relates to FreeNAS and Block Storage. I explain why the Perc 5i/6i Raid cards are horrible and what to use instead. I decided to go with a Linux/FreeBSD based Distro (Yes, I know FreeBSD is not Linux), due to the cool features with the ZFS file system. In theory, it will work on older hardware, and I can keep the price of the budget down real low and use older parts. In the future, I want to learn from this build and slowly upgrade to a more advanced system, with a faster Pass-Through SATA card, bigger/better hard-drives and or SSD's, and a 10GB Network throughput backplane, with the end-goal of a seamless low-latency network based Sample Drive FAQ: Is FreeNAS Linux? No, it is actually based on FreeBSD, not Linux. Both Linux and FreeBSD are based from UNIX. However, try to tell the US Southerners not to call Pepsi a Coke. I'm a big power user of pfSense, and I still call my pFsense build, a Linux box, even though I know it's a BSD based distro. I guess it's all in the semantics. I'll try to make sure I call a Pepsi cola a Pepsi next time. LOL! Can you load your Kontakt samples from this remote server, will the performance suck and will it be a big mess of latency issues, even if you use all SSDs? Correct, however, network speeds have come a long way, and I am a firm believer this will change in the very near future, even with budget parts found on eBay. For example, I can take an older 'Sun Dual 40Gbps InfiniBand card', sells for under $30 US used on eBay, and use it in a local SAN setup. Heck, with the price of 10GB networking going down, I think it's even possible to do it with some type LAG/Etherchannel config. Can you just use it as a back-up drive/archive storage dumping ground? Yes, and that is what I currently Plan to do until I can get the Latency down and the Network Speeds and IOPS up to what is called "Full Network Saturation levels" Where the Disk in/outs and hardware bus speeds match the network speeds. Why not go with Ceph? IMHO, it's because the FSCK on CephFS isn't reliable, per small scale. If something goes wrong, your data is hosed. In my Ceph research as a potential replacement for my previous ZFS builds. The scale-out features are amazing, but I believe Ceph is just not there for a Home-Lab, mainly due to the number of hours needed to maintain it and the data integrity can fail badly under extreme, but not implausible situations. Another consideration is that in a small installation with only a few OSD's you're going to be taking a serious performance hit for the sake of scalability that you'll probably never actually use. Plainly, it's not practical for home use, unless your purpose is to study Ceph Clustering. For now, this is all experimental and will be used as a nice backup drive and repository for my video work too, but it won't stop me from re-tweaking and eventually getting it to work correctly with faster speeds and better latency. I only see the optimism here. The latest logic pro hacks Source

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