July 16, 2023

Final Cut Pro 100: What's New in Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 - HDR Workflows and Color Conform 2


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Video 3 of 9 for Final Cut Pro 100: What's New in Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 With Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 for Mac, Apple strives to enhance the user experience and streamline the workflow between iPad and Mac. This latest update introduces notable improvements in color management, a fresh collection of transitions and effects, the introduction of a scene removal mask, and much more. In this course, certified trainer, Iain Anderson, unveils these hidden new features and shows you how to integrate them into your daily video editing routine. Iain starts by showing you the ins and outs of importing projects from Final Cut Pro for iPad into Final Cut Pro for Mac. With the release of Final Cut Pro for iPad, it becomes crucial to grasp the workflow of starting a project on iPad and seamlessly transitioning to editing on your desktop or laptop. You then dive into the new Automatic Color Conform feature that lets you edit High dynamic range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) clips in the same project. You also learn to work with the new color adjustment options, and you unlock the potential of ProRes RAW with its advanced controls accessible through a floating window. Next, Iain covers the remarkable Scene Removal Mask feature, enabling you to create stunning effects. Moving forward, he explores the wide array of newly available titles and transitions. As a final touch, Iain concludes the course by examining the latest updates in Motion and Compressor, the supplementary tools that complement Final Cut Pro. So join Iain Anderson in mastering the latest features of Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 and unlock the full potential of this powerful video editing software! With his expert guidance, you'll gain the skills and confidence to truly master the new features of Final Cut Pro!
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