April 6, 2023

EZ Drummer 3 101: EZ Drummer Explored - Setting Up EZ Drummer 2


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Video 1 of 23 for EZ Drummer 3 101: EZ Drummer Explored Are you struggling to program MIDI drum patterns or tired of searching for new drummers? EZdrummer 3 allows you to effortlessly create realistic drum tracks within its standalone software or directly within your DAW, providing a solid foundation for your songs. In this comprehensive course, audio expert Matt Vanacoro covers everything you need to know about this fantastic beat creation tool. The course covers all aspects of EZ Drummer 3, from setting up the plugin or standalone app to exporting your finished song. You learn to change the sound of a kit and load new ones. You'll also learn how to individually tune, level, and mix kit elements, and use built-in drum grooves to create great drum parts with ease. With EZ Drummer 3's intelligent virtual instrument, you'll be able to create your own drum grooves, record and loop them, and fine-tune them using the Grid Editor. The course also covers syncing EZ Drummer 3 with your DAW's tempo, changing time signatures, working with articulations, and more… It's time to crank up the volume and rock out! Watch this course and get the skills you need to create awesome drum tracks for your productions with EZ Drummer 3!
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