June 19, 2022

Elektron 110: Syntakt Explored - New Project 2


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Video 3 of 20 for Elektron 110: Syntakt Explored With its 35 analog and digital "machines", powerful FX, filters and 64 step sequencer, Elektron's new drum synth offers infinite musical possibilities. Melting analog and digital synthesis into a portable groovebox, Syntakt is a beast with quite a steep learning curve. Have no fear… trainer Thavius Beck is here to show you how to tame this beast one step at a time. First, Thavius explains how to navigate banks and patterns on Syntakt. You learn to create a new project, and how to start loading sounds into individual tracks from the sound browser. You discover Elektron's legendary step sequencer, and you learn to add a whole new dimension to your patterns using Parameter Locks, Retrigs, Sound Locks and Mod Trigs. Next, you dive deeper into Syntakt by exploring its analog and digital track machines, such as Analog Drum and Synth Chord. The main focus of this groovebox is, of course, percussion, but it can also get melodic, as Thavius demonstrates next. Continuing with the course, you get creative with the FX track, you learn to use randomization, and you discover powerful workflow tips and tricks. So join Thavius Beck in this 20-tutorial course, and enter the never-ending sonic worlds of Elektron's Syntakt. More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19oEy9yQskc


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