July 8, 2021

(Drums) Mixing Toms w/ Jacquire King | Using Tom Ringing To Add To the Overall Tone Of The Kit 2


Bleeding is not always a bad thing—when it comes to drum recording, that is. There will inevitably be bleed (aka “leakage” or “spill”) between mics when capturing a kit. How you deal with it in the mix is more of an artistic choice than a technical one. In the excerpt from Start to Finish: Jacquire King – Episode 19 – Mixing Part 1, Jacquire is figuring out whether or not to mute the bleed recorded on the tom tracks of the Oak and Ash song “Keep the Light On.” Read more: https://wwww.puremix.net/blog/jacquire-king-using-tom-ringing-to-add-to-the-overall-tone-of-the-kit.html #drums #mixingtoms #punchandtoneontoms Follow pureMix for exclusive excerpts and the latest news 🎛️
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