April 7, 2022

Dance Music Masters 116: Deconstructing CINEMA - Melodies Pt1 2


Additional videos for this title: Dance Music Masters 116: Deconstructing CINEMA by Butch Serianni
Video 3 of 11 for Dance Music Masters 116: Deconstructing CINEMA CINEMA truly highlights OddKidOut's eclectic influencesfrom trap/bass to drum n' bass. OKO takes you inside his creative mind, and reveals exactly how the track was conceived, explaining his creative decisions and what he did to achieve his unique sound. Listen to CINEMA on Apple Music: OddKidOut revisits every element of CINEMA. He starts the course by looking back at the genesis of the track: how he edited the vocals (performed by talented singer/songwriter Marlhy) to start crafting the song. You learn how the harmonic and melodic parts were constructed and processed, and how they evolve during the song. You also discover how OKO processes the 808s and sub to get clean but agressive bass parts. Next, OKO shares his approach to create bouncy drum beats, and the techniques he uses to create variations. He also shares tricks to create dynamic arrangements and tips to help you become more productive and efficient in the studio. So join artist, finger drummer and producer OddKidOut in this course, and learn his invaluable creative music secrets!
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