August 23, 2021

Creative Sound Design - Convolution Reverb 2


Ever heard of Convolution Reverb? The basic premise of Convolution Reverb is simulating the reverberation aka the impulse response of a physical or virtual acoustic space. Imagine a guitar playing in an underground railway station vs. an open field – these spaces have very different reverb patterns that greatly affect the output. So what does that mean in practice? The most obvious is being able to recreate spatial ambience from specific locations, which is super cool but Convolution plugins like Fog Convolver from @AudioThing can also use the impulse response from other sources to give creative and experimental results – Let's check it out! ► Find out more about Fog Convolver: https://bit.ly/3y9CJzC
► Get the latest sound design tools and education: https://bit.ly/3vaRhgQ
► Join the ADSR Discord Server https://discord.gg/3KtEWraUxt Start your week with a productivity boost. In this weekly session, ADSR Instructor Brent March gives pro-level insights to level-up your sound design skills. The goal of today's session is to explore creative sound design using Convolution reverb from transporting your sounds to new locations to what happens when you apply an impulse response from one sound to another. We'll illustrate using Fog Convolver from AudioThing and Open Air from @Presonus. This is an interactive session so we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Want something covered? Join the stream and ask your question live or drop us a comment and we'll see what we can do! #sounddesign #musicproduction #producerlife #musictalks #sounddesigner #synthpresets #learnsounddesign #learnmusicproduction #livestreaming #convultionreverb #creativesounddesign #convulver #studioone #presonus Powered by Restream https://restream.io/ Learn more from The Youtube channel Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0VUPqQYRyA



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