August 28, 2023

Chris Tabron Deconstructing "This is a life" #musicproduction #musicindustry #soundtrackmixing 2


In this Puremix exclusive, Chris shares his expertise in crafting a mix under tight deadlines using both outboard hardware and In The Box techniques, the importance of discovering the intention of the song before tweaking, how he crafted the unique textures on Mitski and David Byrne’s vocals, and much more! Watch the full series: https://puremix.com/library/inside-the-mix/-/chris-tabron-deconstructing-this-is-a-life #music #gearporn #mixingengineer #studio#musicproducerlife #audioengineer #singer #puremix#musicproductionmusic #homerecording #homestudio#artists #studiosetup #mixing #studioporn #recordingstudio#music #songwriting #musicgear #producer 💬 Get feedback on your mixes and music: https://puremix.com/mix-tank
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