August 17, 2022

Chris Lord-Alge mixes ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by Green Day 2


Full video available exclusively on https://mwtm.com/dm44 Observe the eminent Chris Lord-Alge mix ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, the Grammy award-winning Record of the Year by Green Day! Filmed at his private studio Mix L.A. in California, this series reveals how CLA tackles a mix using only analog processing. He starts from scratch, opening the Pro Tools production session and taking you through his essential preparation stages. Chris explains the signal flow, shares his outboard gear of choice, and plays the raw signals. Upon getting a static balance, he launches into the impulsive sonic sculpting for which he is revered. You’ll see how he addresses each element of the famous rock song, applying tasteful treatment with EQ, compression, and effects. He reiterates the importance of simplicity and using only the tools necessary for the job, showing how he can drastically enhance the audio in a straightforward manner. As always, CLA is as enlightening as he is entertaining! Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNsqwOzhikc


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