May 11, 2022

Cello Practice: Cecilia Solo Rosin 2


In this video we review the Cecilia soloist rosin, a dark rosin that has a great all around sound. Rosin is actually responsible for pulling the string when you move the bow across them, so it can make a big difference to get the right rosin. Dark rosins are grippier, and hence better for colder, drier environments. If you want a smoother sound, a light rosin will probably help more. Remember not to over-rosin. With a fresh rehair, however, you will need a fairly significant amount of rosin at first. Try to apply evenly across the hairs. And always make sure you have enough on to get a good sound. If you’ve ever heard cello, it’s likely you’ve already fallen in love. I know so many people who tell me it’s their favorite instrument. And you might have gotten to the point of asking: can I just learn how to play this marvelous instrument? As someone who’s gone all the way through the journey of taking lessons, practicing many hours, and eventually being able to make cello my living, I know as well as anyone how challenging this endeavor can be. And if you’ve ever tried on your own, you may have run into roadblocks yourself. Well here on this channel, we’re hoping to demystify the whole process of cello piece by piece, and hopefully get you to where you want to get with it. Our hope is that with these videos, you're going to be able to overcome the obstacles facing beginner cellists. We want you to be able to get into this as economically as possible, and as on your own as possible – at least to start. Thanks for watching! Stay subscribed for more cello lessons. #higherhz #cello #cellolessons #cellopractice #ceciliacellorosin #ceciliasolorosin #ceciliarosi


Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmdWUq-_frM




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