June 30, 2023

Carol of the Bells - Christmas Trance Remix 2


A nice trance remix of the famous Christmas carol, but with a twist. Featuring hard Spire dance leads, huge Omnisphere waving pads, gritty distorted Rock Organs to hard double layered kicks for Apple Logic Pro X. Download Full Logic Pro X Template here: https://logicprohacks.com/product/carol-of-the-bells-trance-remix/ Project Template Features & Details:
Template BPM: 112
Signature: 3/4
Key: G minor
Size (Compressed): 77: MB
Size (Uncompressed): 120 MB
Logic Pro Version: 10.7.2
21 MIDI Channels
5 Audio Channels
8 Buss Summing Stacks
Leads | Pianos | Plucks | Chords | Pads | Bass | FX | Drums AU Instruments:
Spire 1.5
Nexus 3
Omnisphere 2.6
u-he Zebra 2
Native Instruments Massive 1.5.8
Sonic Academy Kick 2 Processing:
Xfer LFOtool Reverbs / FX Sends:
Waves – CLA Guitars
ArtsAcoustic – Reverb
Eventide – BlackHole Reverb
Soundtoys – EchoBoy
Cytomic – The Glue Mastering:
Waves – S1 Imager
Waves – LinEQ Lowband
Waves – LinEQ Broadband
Waves – LinMB
Waves – L2 UltraMaximizer The latest logic pro hacks Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyU2_57-4Xo


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