December 6, 2022

Brad Divens - Front of House Engineer for Enrique Inglesias - Pensado's Place #556 2


Brad Divens is currently the FOH Engineer for Enrique Iglesias and has worked with acts such as Linkin Park, Garbage, Cyndi Lauper, HIM, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Motley Crue, Jane's Addiction and countless others. We are happy to have Brad join us to talk all things Front of House, straight from the Harman Experience Center. Welcome to the place, Brad Divens! From Brad: I've often been asked the question, "how did you end up being a sound engineer?". The answer is simple; my passion for music led me here. I started this journey when I received my first guitar at the age of 10. That led to me forming my first band which played shows ranging from birthday parties to the corner pub. Hard work and perseverance paid off when I was asked to join Atlantic recording artist KIX. A few years later I joined what would become Atlantic recording artist Wrathchild America. This band was my musical foundation and I learned many lessons. A few years later Wrathchild America would morph into Souls At Zero and secure a record deal with Energy Records. When things started go down hill, I was asked to join the Los Angeles based band, Back Alley Gators, which led me to the west coast. As a struggling artist trying to pay the rent I was forced to take odd jobs. Soon after, a call came asking if I could tour manage and mix sound. I said yes to a gig I had never done before, but I knew I could do it. I took the leap because I had faith in myself, an unquenchable passion for music, and a desire to succeed. After many trips around the globe, this journey has brought me to where I am today. I continue to enjoy what I do and therefore I've never worked a day in my life. Remember these three words….'pick your gig'. Have a good show everybody!
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