July 23, 2023

BEST Way to Learn Music Production 2023 2


The story that I’m about to share with you will change how you look at music production forever. Guaranteed. But you have to watch this all the way thru until the end to completely understand the message. This is the fastest way to learn music production in 2023. http://cpthecreator.com One of the most obviously annoying challenging situations that we have to deal with in life is family. Let’s be real. In marriage when 2 individuals come together, your family size doubles. Coming from 2 different households… 2 different sets of rules, morals, and principles, things can become a little rocky. Being an in-law can make you feel like a tag-along. An outcast… You sometimes feel like you’ll never be fully accepted. ESPECIALLY when you’re the only creative one. If you agree make sure you hit the like button. See, I don’t remember many times when I’ve seen eye to eye with my in-laws. I love them, but it’s the truth. I keep my distance. I have my boundaries set. In having these boundaries set, I do still realize that there can be somewhat of a “professional” relationship. In the past, I’d still do video work and pitch in with certain family projects. There was this one particular time when my in-laws were coming to the studio to shoot a few videos for church. This particular day I was slightly disappointed and embarrassed because as I was turning on the lights in the bathroom, I noticed that the toilet was yellow. I hadn’t been to the studio in a while and over time, the still water had created a yellow watermark around the toilet bowl. As I was running late, behind schedule. There was nothing I could do. It’s just a toilet bowl right? I never cleaned it. Whatever. When the video shoot was over and everybody was gone, I had to really use the bathroom. I was holding it in the entire time. I go in the bathroom… turn on the light… close the door… …and the toilet had magically turned a pure freakin’ sparkling WHITE. I look away. I look at the toilet. I look away. I look at the toilet. Am I trippin’?? I send a text to my Father N Law. “Did you clean the toilet???” He texts me back… “Yes” I froze. Time froze. There was the ultimate silence. Then I broke down in tears. I felt so guilty. You see, out of all the negative insights, thoughts, and feelings I had beforehand, NONE of them were stronger than this simple act of kindness done by my father n law. This was MY space. This is MY STUDIO we’re talking about. Not his. He didn’t HAVE to do what he did. And he did it without any recognition or announcement. This is the epitome of being a true servant. He silently taught me how to serve. That being said, I’m good at a lot of things. Telling stories with music and video is my thing. But there’s a question that I have that I’ve never asked on this channel. WHY DO YOU FOLLOW ME? I literally don’t know why you follow me. What is it that I do that resonates with you? In regards to the silent lesson that I got from my father-n-law… I’m going to pay it forward and I want to serve a small group of you guys. I want to help you. I’m shifting into being a true expert and I want to craft a product/offer/service and I need to find out what it is. Instead of me creating some random product out of thin air, I’d like to hear it from you guys. So, if you want my laser focused help, as well as helping me redefine who I am and what I can bring to the table, go to http://cpthecreator.com and join the free group I’ve created. See ya soon. Source JayJosh RocStar- > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaZfScRe3RM


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