What are some great gifts for synth lovers and music producers? Let's find out! Sponsored by DistroKid. Best way to get your music published on Spotify/iTunes. (use this link to get a discount & support the channel) Links with * are affiliate links For more synth gift ideas check my Thomann Synth Gifts page* ►Patch & Tweak with Moog* US:
EU: ►Synthesizer Evolution by Oli Freke ►Korg NTS-1*
EU: US: ►Original synth oil paintings
►Acoustic panels ►Synth Stands & Digitakt/Octatrack skins ►Winter Bloom eurorack modules ►Qun Pocket Synthesizer Starsky Carr in-depth review of Qun ►Rob Papen (soft synths & book) ►Jaspers synth stands*
All stands: The stand I got: ►Keystep 37 midi keyboard*
►Evo 4*
US: ►Evo 8*
EU: US: Other gift ideas I recommend: ►Decksavers*:
►Eurorack cables:
►Arturia MicroLab*: US:
►Analog Cases:
►Polyphonic Whale:
►Chroma Caps:
►MyVolts* ►Dummiez:
►MIDI thru box (perfect for any synth lover!)* (US)
►Pocket Operators are always fun*: ►Uno Synth (affordable synthesizer)*: (US)
►Very affordable Eurorack modules*: (US)
►A beloved midi keyboard*: (US)
►Affordable eurorack case*: (US) ►Under 150 USD audio interface*: (US)
►A patchbay is never wrong*: CONTENTS
00:00 intro
00:38 crystals & plants
01:17 annoy your partner with this
02:28 decorate your walls
03:16 put your synth on this
03:37 pimp your synth
04:30 big honking button
05:00 really clever little thing
06:50 large but lightweight present
07:25 learn stuff
08:06 record stuff
09:07 something overlooked
09:36 it has swing…
10:07 evolution COMMUNITY
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