Bass and Guitar sound with Tom Lord-Alge



In this sneak peek of Tom Lord-Alge's 'Inside the Track' series he shares his techniques to get a full and rich guitar sound.
Full video available now on Join the iconic rock engineer Tom Lord-Alge, mixer of alternative and punk anthems from Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Hanson, and many more. In this series, we sit alongside Tom as he digs into the multi-track session of Sum 41's breakthrough release, 'Fat Lip'. At Studios La Fabrique, he overviews the original analog recording and mixing process, demonstrates how the audio can be enhanced in the digital realm, and reveals his tricks for effective drum separation, sample triggering, flanging, and more. Operating in the box with console summing, you'll see Tom's daring use of effects, heavy compression, clever editing and EQ within Pro Tools. He also covers the important subjects of session setup and management, phase coherency, and gain staging with faders versus plug-ins. To finish off, TLA compares his three mixes – the analog original, the new hybrid (ITB with analog summing and mix compression), and the new digital (100% ITB). Source

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