October 3, 2023

Balanced Power with Joe Salvatto and Michael Beinhorn - Pensado's Place #571 2


This week we invite a couple of experts in balanced power, Joe Salvatto, and Michael Beinhorn, to discuss an often overlooked subject that can greatly impact the final product when it comes to recording, mixing, and producing records. In simple terms, balanced power is a process that eliminates noise or distortion from incoming electrical current. Before the initial signal hits your devices and equipment for power, balanced power ensures you have the cleanest, most pure power by affecting the current itself. Balanced power is not conditioning power or adding “EQ-ing” to remove noise or interference, rather, balanced power eliminates that noise before you ever hear or notice it. Equi=Tech has pioneered balanced power since the early 1990’s. https://equitech.com/ If you have just started out learning how to make music, this is a must watch Youtube channel. Pensado’s Place has every thing from interviews with the pro’s to quick how too mix like the professionals. Learn more about this channel here Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ2Zsi-Or4k


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