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Check out all of my mixing secrets in my Complete Mixing Course: Getting that initial jump off spot to launch your mixing career is tough. Especially when you are just starting and beginning to learn. You know how you want a record to sound; just don't know how to implement it. And even worse…you can't find the records that will allow you to practice and mix with. When I initially started mixing, I did not have a lot of resources. I picked up mixing books and read articles online. The thousands of YouTube videos were not as readily available as they are right now, and even so, all of the given information is not necessarily accurate. I looked into getting an assistant job at a studio, but those are a nearly impossible to land these days. The only option I truthfully had was to record friends (although some were very talented) and mix based off of that. It consisted of turning knobs and seeing if it would sound good. If it did not…I would CMND + Z that and start over. Eventually I picked up some tricks and got a feel for things. That is why I created this mixing course. As much as I encourage creative freedom, and turning those knobs, you will learn significantly faster when you are simply pointed in the right direction. I want to share my secrets with you, and allow you to learn in the comfort of your own chair, at your own pace. Follow along step by step with the stems of the record I am mixing. This will apply to any DAW and any system. I will be using EVERYTHING in the box (software plugins). There is no reason why you cannot get a professional sound from your home studio. The expensive equipment is not needed. Learn how to achieve a professional mix right from your home studio. COMPLETE MIXING COURSE: My Gear:
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Super crazy wide angle lens:
My macbook that edits really well:
My main recording mic:
My main preamp:
My audio interface:\
Compressor I use for tracking:
My big monitors: Website |
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Email | [email protected] Learn more at The Source

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