October 26, 2023

Andrew Scheps mixing 'That Which Animates The Spirit' by The Smashing Pumpkins | Trailer 2


Full video available exclusively on www.mwtm.com/itt96 The Grammy-winning engineer returns to explore the mixing of an experimental rock opera by The Smashing Pumpkins. The song features incredible performances by many of the band’s founding members, as well as a special appearance from Brian May of Queen. Thundering percussion, experimental synths and an ensemble of extraordinary guitars… Andrew brings all of these elements together to create a show-stopping mix that is larger than life. All set up at Rue Boyer Studios, he begins with an in-depth look at the drum kit. With over a dozen microphones to choose from, Andrew slowly builds up his ideal drum mix and provides insight into his decision-making process. You will watch him shape the transients and sustain of the kit using a broad spectrum of processing and triggering techniques. Each step is explained in detail as he works to refine the rhythmic foundations of the track. He then shifts his focus towards the song’s virtuosic guitar and vocal performances. He carefully sculpts the tone of these instruments and reveals how he creates space for each one in the midrange. Layers of EQ and saturation tie it all together and help to create attitude and excitement in the mix. He goes on to employ more experimental techniques later in the series such as pitch shifting and automated modulation, which completely transform the song’s bridge into a heavy-hitting breakdown. Once each track has been processed individually, Andrew zooms out to provide a global overview of his process. He walks through his custom-built ProTools template and offers advice for developing a productive workflow in-the-box. No stone is left unturned as he deconstructs each of the bespoke parallel chains that contribute to his signature sound. Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35xZo34amu0


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