August 4, 2023


I released my first audio mixing plugin 2 months ago. Since then, there have been hundreds of reviews, testimonials and comments about BSA Reviver. There have also been many great questions so I thought it would be best to walk through the plugin in a more relaxed video and show you why and how I made it. Reviver is a high-quality Adaptive Transient Shaper and a Harmonic Processor at its core. For the next week only, you can get 30% off with code: SUMMERSNAP Free Trial Here: https://www.blacksaltaudio.com/reviver-trial/
https://bit.ly/ReviverTrial Get Reviver Here: https://blacksaltaudio.com/reviver/
30% off with code: SUMMERSNAP The sale is for 1 week only (Ends on the 21st of July) 0:00 – Free Trial and Sale
1:35 – What is Reviver?
2:20 – LOW Module
4:05 – MID Module
5:20 – HIGH Module
6:45 – Adding Solo Buttons…
7:10 – Why I made this Plugin
8:20 – Plugin UI
9:49 – Harmonics and Oversampling and more features
14:05 – Final Thoughts Electronic Demo from Jason Jass Acoustic/Pop Demo from Kennedy Wilde #plugin #inthemix #musicproduction Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_4n68EGPW4


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