March 6, 2022

Ableton Live 407 : 15 Live Workflow Tips - Introduction 2


Additional videos for this title: Ableton Live 407 : 15+ Live Workflow Tips by Thavius Beck
Video 1 of 16 for Ableton Live 407 : 15+ Live Workflow Tips In this course, you get the chance to join producer and certified trainer Thavius Beck as he shares his favorite Ableton Live workflow techniques. These 16 tutorials are designed to inspire you to experiment with Live and get you into that creative zone fast! Thavius starts by exploring the Live Rack, where you learn different ways to use multiple Macros and save variation snapshots. You learn to create happy accidents by generating and capturing randomized MIDI data, and comping the result into a final clip. From there, you learn to compose chord progressions effortlessly using Live's features, and you learn some MPE secrets to make them sound more expressive and unique. Thavius then dives into the difference between Automation and Modulation, and he explains how to get cool results by combining them. Next, you learn about two powerful Max4Live devices that offer very interesting modulation possibilities. You also learn about the Spectral Time device, the Follow Action feature, and more… Thavius is really passionate about sharing his knowledge, so join him now and learn new Ableton Live workflow guaranteed to get you creativity flowing! More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v04FIxieAe0


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