January 29, 2023

300,000 Subscriber Q&A + 2023 Channel Update (THANK YOU) 2


Link to direction for how to reset Logic preferences and PLIST files:
https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT200260 Timestamps for sections/questions: 00:00:00 THANK YOU!
00:03:30 Channel Updates, Future Plans
00:11:31 Non-Apple DAW
00:14:50 Secondary DAW
00:15:14 Windows Based DAWs
00:16:22 Why Logic over Pro Tools
00:20:03 Savvy About Logic Pro
00:21:57 V-Drums for MIDI Input
00:23:21 I Live in Florida
00:23:34 Music Programming
00:24:52 Musical Instruments
00:26:14 Other Work
00:27:21 Learning Music
00:29:51 How Long/Music Using Logic
00:30:52 Mac Specs for Logic
00:34:25 New Stock Logic Plugins
00:36:31 Ideal Vocal Chain
00:43:44 Mixer Tutorials
00:44:34 Hardware Synthesizers
00:47:14 Hardware for Mixing
00:52:20 Input Aux Processing
00:54:44 Backing Tracks
00:57:18 Drum Programming
01:00:13 Catch Settings
01:02:48 Control Surface Bug
01:04:23 Batch Crossfades, Song Start/End
01:08:01 Ruling Class and Depopulation
01:10:04 Film or Game Scoring
01:13:21 Virtual Guitar Instruments
01:15:17 Get Paid for Songwriting
01:17:01 RAM and Overloads
01:19:21 Logic is Unstable, Freeze Tracks
01:22:46 Hardware Synth Emulations
01:29:55 Love For Music
01:33:47 Manage I/O
01:36:44 Best Logic MIDI Controller
01:38:09 AIR Plugins w/Akai MPK Mini
01:41:11 Music Business, Publishing, Theory
01:43:56 New EDM Series
01:44:38 NFTs for Distribution
01:49:34 Practice Chords & Scales
01:51:56 Layering Drums with MIDI
01:53:53 Record Without Take Folders
01:56:27 Reference Tracks
02:01:39 Remake Tracks Start to Finish
02:05:11 Remove Tempo Information
02:07:06 Rx2 and Rex Files
02:10:28 Hearing Protection, Safety When Mixing
02:16:01 Separate Mixing and Mastering Process
02:19:10 New EDM Tutorials/Courses
02:21:40 Third Party Plugins Not Working in Logic
02:24:14 Migrating Plugins and Channel Strip Settings
02:26:55 Tuning Drums #logicpro #logicprox #questionanswer Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV8oDMYlBXE


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