September 30, 2021

3 Tips for PERFECT Live Stream AUDIO!! (OBS Setup, Vocal FX, Loopback Tutorial) 2


How to get better audio in OBS using an Apollo Interface, Shure SM7B Microphone, and VST Plugins like FabFilter Pro-L2 and FabFilter DS. This tutorial also covers how to connect your mic to OBS and create mono inputs to avoid audio in one ear. This tutorial also covers how to setup Loopback audio with your DAW and Apollo to live stream audio from ableton live, logic, fl studio, pro tools, and more. Adding vocal fx lke limters compression DeEsser EQ is simple using the OBS Filters. This tutorial shows you how to add filters to your audio input source. Reid Stefan is using a Shure SM7-B and Apollo interface by Universal Audio, but you can use any interface to connect your mic with an XLR cable. Get Whole Loops Samples and Presets
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