June 11, 2021

18 FL Studio Tips You Need To Know 2


Hi I'm Michael Wynne, an FL Studio Power User and audio engineer. In this video, I hope to shed light on some of the lesser-known features and tools in FL Studio. Please feel free to use the chapter markers and links below to navigate the video and find out more about any of the tips mentioned! These are some of the features and tools in FL Studio which I used to work faster and better. ▶Time Stamps 0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Function Keys Intro
0:40 – Crossfades
1:05 – Audio To Midi
1:45 – Never Lose an Idea
2:50 – Sample a Plugin (Save CPU)
3:35 – Better Layering
5:25 – Channel Groups
6:00 – Unused Channels
6:43 – Delete Unused Audio
7:00 – Smart Disable
7:24 – Stereo Waveforms
8:10 – Remove Noise
9:30 – Plugin Priority
10:17 – Copy and Paste Plugins
11:20 – Current Track Tip
12:20 – Mixer EQ
13:00 – Hidden Automation Tools
13:54 – Simple Song Metadata ▶Videos I mentioned: Audio To Midi: https://youtu.be/kIXXv8oUqOc
Sampling a Virtual Instrument: https://youtu.be/D-osmO9Rkg0
Edison Denoise Tool: https://youtu.be/zYI-H_Ub5pQ
FL Studio Automation: https://youtu.be/cK8uiEngm5g ► Join my free discord server here: https://discord.gg/sBbsE6e ► Get my Sound Bank: https://inthemix.store/products/vital-sounds-preset-pack ► Save money on DistroKid if you signup through my custom link → http://distrokid.com/vip/inthemix #flstudio #tips #musicproduction Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Kq3hMBoAg



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