May 23, 2023

💸Selling Beats Online In 2023? Flaws of Major Beat Sites You Didn't Know About #shorts #sellbeats 2


Welcome to my channel! In this video, I'll be discussing the unique features of TryBuyBeats.com, a beat site that sets itself apart from the competition. 🎹Sell Beats Here 👉 https://thecorporatethiefbeats.com/try-buy-beats-invite
💻 Sub My Channel 👉: https://www.youtube.com/user/corporatethief?sub_confirmation=1 While other platforms like Airbit and Beatstars are still useful, they come with certain limitations. With those sites, if you send traffic to your profile and visitors end up on someone else's page or navigate elsewhere on the site, you don't receive any commission or sales. Additionally, if you refer a fellow beat maker to the site, you don't earn any commission from their sign-up. These are two major flaws that ByBeats.com aims to address. Now, let's dive into the exciting features of TryBuyBeats.com. Although the site is currently in beta and undergoing some fine-tuning, there's something truly special about it. I'll be taking you through my profile and highlighting the benefits of this platform. Stay tuned to discover how TryBuyBeats.com is revolutionizing the beat-selling industry and providing a more rewarding experience for producers like us. Don't miss out on this exclusive insider look at TryBuyBeats.com. Join me as we explore the possibilities and potential this platform holds. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel for more updates on the latest developments in the music production world. Let's dive in! #sellbeats #sellingbeats #howtosellbeats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaMo8bplnYo


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